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o Second Hand Goods
o Secondary Nonferrous Metals
o Secretarial and Court Reporting
o Security and Commodity Exchanges
o Security Brokers and Dealers
o Semiconductors and Related Devices
o Service Establishment Equipment Except Motor Vehicles
o Service Industry Machinery
o Services
o Set-Up Cardboard Boxes
o Sewerage Systems
o Sewing and Needlework Goods
o Sheep and Goats
o Sheet Metal Work
o Shellfishing
o Ship Building and Repairing
o Shirts Male
o Shoe Repair Shops
o Shoe Stores
o Signs and Advertising Displays
o Silver Ores
o Silver Plate and Stainless Steel Ware
o Small Arms
o Small Arms Ammunition
o Soap and Other Detergents Except Specialty Cleaners
o Social Services
o Softwood Veneer and Plywood
o Soil Preparation Services
o Soybean
o Soybean Oil Mills
o Special Dies and Tools and Industrial Moulds
o Special Industry Machinery
o Special Product Sawmills
o Special Trade Contractors
o Special Warehousing and Storage
o Speciality Hospitals Except Psychiatric
o Specialty Cleaning Polishing and Sanitation Preparations
o Speed Changers Drives and Gears
o Sporting and Athletic Goods
o Sporting and Recreation Goods
o Sporting and Recreational Camps
o Sporting Goods and Bicycle Stores
o Sports Clubs and Promoters
o Stationery and Office Supplies
o Stationery and Related Products
o Stationery Shops
o Steam and Air Conditioning Supply
o Steel Foundries
o Steel Investment Foundries
o Steel Pipes and Tubes
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