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o Beef Cattle Except Feedlots
o Beef Cattle Feedlots
o Beer and Ale
o Beet Sugar
o Berry Crops
o Biscuits and Crackers
o Bituminous Coal Underground Mining
o Blankbooks and Looseleaf Binders
o Blouses and Shirts Female
o Blowers and Fans
o Boat Building and Repairing
o Boat Dealers
o Bolts Nuts Rivets and Washers
o Book Printing
o Book Publishing
o Book Shops
o Bookbinding and Related Work
o Boot and Shoe Cut Stock
o Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks
o Bottled Gas Dealers
o Bowling Centres
o Brassieres and Allied Garments
o Bread and Cake Products Except Biscuits and Crackers
o Brick and Structural Clay Tile
o Bridge Tunnel and Elevated Highway Construction
o Brooms and Brushes
o Building Cleaning and Maintenance Services
o Burial Caskets
o Bus Charter Services Except Local
o Business and Secretarial Schools
o Business Associations
o Business Services
o Calculators and Accounting Equipment
o Camera and Photographic Shops
o Cane Sugar Except Refining
o Cane Sugar Refining
o Canned and Cured Fish and Seafoods
o Canned Fruit Vegetables and Jams
o Canned Specialities
o Canvas and Related Products
o Caravan Parks and Campsites
o Carbon and Graphite Products
o Carbon Black
o Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons
o Carburettors Pistons Pistons Rings and Valves
o Cardboard Mills
o Carpentry Work
o Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
o Carpets and Rugs
o Cars and Other Motor Vehicles
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